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Previously Abandoned-in-Place Due to Inaccessibility of Machines

Applied Service was hired to remove a tank by hand, which was previously abandoned-in-place in 2004 due to inaccessibility with machines. The tank was previously cut, cleaned out, and filled with pea gravel. It was sampled underneath at the time, so there wasn't any leakage. One of our smaller machines was lifted up to the work area by a larger machine, and a large part of the removal was performed by hand.

Exposing the top of the tank, which is partly under the rear stairs of the house
Excavating the tank
Cutting the end of the tank open, to begin removing the pea gravel
Removing the pea gravel
Cutting the tank into sections
Lifting small machine up to the work area
Cutting the tank into sections
Removing the last section of the tank
Excavation ready to be backfilled
Backfilling and compacting
Lifting the machine back down from the work area
Restoring the site
Site is backfilled and hand raked