Applied Service Corp

Boring & Sampling

Applied Service Corp. has a fleet of GeoProbe drill rigs and equipment, licensed by the State of New Jersey, to perform soil borings. We are also licensed well pump installers, capable of providing service in the event that potable water supply is impacted by a release from your underground storage tank (UST). Our experienced drilling staff routinely performs third-party site investigations for our homeowner's insurance carrier clients and has the capability to perform any types of soil boring or temporary well site investigation work. Applied Service Corp. is also a New Jersey certified laboratory and thus we are approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to properly monitor well purging parameters during sampling of temporary and permitted ground water monitoring wells. Our team of NJDEP licensed Subsurface Evaluators supervises all drilling and sampling activities involved with UST site investigations. In short, Applied Service Corp. is fully licensed and fully capable of providing drilling and sampling needs in a cost-efficient and timely manner.



Available Drilling Services Include...

  • Installation of Direct-Push Soil Borings for Site and Remedial Investigations
  • Installation of Temporary Monitoring Wells for Third-party Site Investigations
  • Installation of Temporary Monitoring Wells for Pre- and Post-remediation Confirmatory Groundwater Quality Testing
  • Collection of Age-Date Soil Samples