Applied Service Corp

Structural Support

Contaminated Soil Removal Applications

In cases where larger areas of contaminated soil must be removed from under a structure, such as a foundation footing, structural support becomes necessary. Whether it's underpinning, steel I-beam, or helical pier support; our team of seasoned experts has years of hands-on experience in structural support solutions. Applied Service is a certified installer of A.B. Chance Helical Pier systems. Helical systems were first introduced nearly a century ago as an ingenious element of power line support in poor soils and rough terrain. In the last few decades, helical foundation systems have found an increasingly wide use in foundation construction/retrofit in residential, commercial and infrastructure projects. We have the equipment and experience to install helical piers under almost any conditions. Areas of expansive soil, high water tables, as well as areas with unstable soil are not a problem.


Foundation Repair Applications

Every year, over quarter million homeowners are faced with settling and cracking foundations. Most times, the problem lies with the type of soil your home was built on, improper compaction during construction, or groundwater levels. When your foundation begins to show damage or loss of stability, the risk of further damage and the need for repair significantly increase. Applied Service can also provide Helical Pier applications to homeowners whose foundations are showing signs of settling and damage. Visible indicators that your home is in need of foundational repair may include...

  • Cracking of Exterior Brickwork
  • Cracking Interior and Basement Walls
  • Uneven Floors
  • Windows and Doors that Stick
  • Leaning Chimneys

Choose the right professionals who can provide you with a dependable, engineering-based solution to your foundation repair. Your largest investment depends on it.